Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities

Lightning-fast optimization suite from the utilities veteran


  • All the processes are really quick
  • Indicates level of severity for problems
  • Real time registry monitor


  • The control panel takes you to the normal Windows panel
  • The disk defragmentation tool is taken from Windows too

Very good

Norton Utilities is a windows optimization suite. If you feel your system's running a bit slow, before you thing about hardware, try cleaning up and tweaking your system first.

Despite sometimes having a reputation for bloated programs that slow your PC down, Norton Utilities is pleasingly responsive and quick. It features a series of tools and processes that can clean and optimize Windows so your computer will run as smoothly as possible.

Norton Utilities is divided into several areas. The Optimize tab, you can clean and defragment your registry, clean your disks of saved temporary files, histories and recent files lists as well as manage your startup processes and Windows services. The Monitor tab shows you your sytem performance, like Task Manager, and also has a registry monitor. With the Windows tools and Administer tabs you can do things like access the control panel, and customize your disk scans.

The interface in Norton Utilities is clean, and really accessible. The cleaning processes are better explained in layman terms than any other program of it's type. Norton Utilities really does seem a superbly designed optimization suite. But the real surprise is it's speed - it really is incredibly fast.

Norton Utilities is a great Windows optimization tool, which is intuitive and understandable for all users.

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Norton Utilities


Norton Utilities

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